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The BeadBug (beadbuddy) is a high energy benchtop homogenizer that sets the performance standard for personal sized cell disruption and lysis instruments. Simultaneous homogenization of up to 3 samples takes place (often within 45 seconds) inside the disposable 2ml screw cap microtubes. The optimized mixing motion causes rapid cell disruption through constant high velocity impact from the hardened micro-beads chosen specifically for your sample type.


– Extremely powerful mixing for lysis, grinding or homogenization
– Faster and more effective than tissue grinders
– Mix 1, 2 or 3 tubes simultaneously
– Extremely compact, less than 7″ wide
– Eliminates the cross contamination associated with hand held homogenizers.

Ordering Information

Catalog No. Description Pack.


Beadbug microtube homogenizer / Beadbuddy homogenizer ea
BH-1002 Pre-filled tube kits
Zirconium bead(3mm) 7ea + Stainless bead(5mm) 1ea/tube
50 prep
BH-1003 Zirconium bead (3mm) 500g
BH-1004 Zirconium bead (3mm) 1kg
BH-1005 Stainless bead (3mm) 1,200 ea

Beadbug와 Beadbuddy는 같은 공정을 통해 생산됩니다. 2020년 이후 수입되는 제품의 90%는 beadbuddy로 표기되어 수입되고 있습니다.