WSP-3300 PeristaQuantum Pump


Improved stability, reproducibility, chemical resistance, flow rate, operability, and external control functions

Digital new peristaltic pump

Full support for bio-production and research processes


  • <Metal non-contact> BioSafe aseptic, contamination-free, sanitary and clean liquid feed
  • Accomplish the “High Flow Accuracy” by “Quantitative flow stability” and “High flow reproducibility”
  • <Low pulsation>  by “12-roller rotating roller system”
  • Includes “PeristaQ dedicated standard tube”
  • Easy to use by “Touch Panel Operation and Settings”
  • Productivity improved by external control system


Model Name Perista® Pump
Chennels 3 Channels
Flow Rate Inner diameter 2mm, Outer diameter 4mm: 0.01-13mL / min
Inner diameter 4mm, Outer diameter 6mm: 0.01-35mL / min
Flow rate accuracy Accuracy of Repetition: Setting value±0.07% (3σ)
Flow stability ± 1% / h (after stabilization of a tube with an inner diameter of 2 mm and an outer diameter of 4 mm)
Lifting height of pump Extrusion more than 21m, Suction 6m
Roller 12 pcs  SUS304
Tube ATTO PeristaQ dedicated standard tube
Tube life More than 2 weeks (continuous use)
Environmental temperature and humidity 4~40℃  No condensation
motor Stepping motor
Touch Panel 4.3 inch pressure sensitive

Continuous operation: Flow rate,% of maximum flow rate, rotation speed
Liquid flow direction: CW / CCW
Automatic stop: Volume, Time

Display: Flow rate (mL / min, mL / h), % of maximum flow rate, rotation speed, actual flow rate, timer / remaining time / remaining volume

Power supply / Power consumption AC100 -240V 50/60Hz ・ 20VA 12W(6-4 mm when using three standard tubings) 
Dimensions / weight 130mm(W)×260mm(D)×135mm(H)  ・ 5kg 

Operation Screen

Example: Calibration

Panel 4 Screen 150RGB
Liquid feeding part


Pumping Section and Tubes

Product Composition

Part name quantity
Perista quantum pump body 1 unit
ATTO Perista Q dedicated standard tubing TPO-2 / 4 (with lure fittings at both ends) 3pcs
ATTO Perista Q dedicated standard tubing TPO-2 / 4 (1m) 1pc
Power cable 1pc