M1 Sample Prep Cartridge Kit for DNA, DNA-HI, or RNA



Each order contains enough single-use consumables (cartridges, syringes, and binding column tips) to prepare 30 samples.

The Biomeme M1 Sample Prep Cartridge Kit is a mobile solution for the extraction of purified nucleic acids from a variety of different sample types including but not limited to:

  • DNA: for smaller volume liquids (e.g. whole blood) and direct swabs
  • DNA-HI (High Concentration): for larger volume liquids such as urine, transport media, environmental water, and homogenates
  • DNA-HI + Homogenizer Kit: for samples requiring homogenization (e.g. eDNA water/air filters, tissues, food, mosquitos, etc.)
  • RNA 2.0*: for smaller volume liquids (e.g., whole blood) and direct swabs

The cartridge requires no lab equipment, refrigeration, electricity, incubation, alcohol precipitation, or phenol chloroform extraction. 

For the freedom to optimize for your specific sample type by adjusting the buffer volumes and concentrations, please see the Biomeme Bulk Sample Prep Kit, which contains 5 buffers (BLB, BPW, BWB, BDW, BEB) in bulk 30 mL bottles.

The DNA-HI + Homogenization Kit is a bundle comprised of the following 2 SKUs:

  • DNA-HI Sample Prep Cartridge: 3000133
  • Homogenization Kit: 3000093

* We recently improved our RNA sample prep products to increase total nucleic acid yield. If you have any questions, please contact gunwookang@biolet.kr.