Franklin™ Real-Time PCR Thermocycler



2020년 진정한 portable real-time PCR은 Franklin thermocycler뿐입니다.

– Centrifuge나 파이펫조차 필요없는 완벽한 현장 Prep Kit 보유
– 별도의 전원이나 변합기 및 차량용배터리 없이 사용 가능
– 제작된 kit의 경우 실온에서 보관 가능한 primer & master mix

The Biomeme Franklin™ Thermocycler turns your smartphone into a thermocycler for real-time PCR or isothermal analysis, the gold standard in molecular detection technology. DNA or RNA can be amplified and detected in a variety of sample types. When combined with Biomeme’s proprietary sample prep technology, one can achieve Sample-to-Result in 30-60 mins.

    Our latest generation mobile PCR thermocycler enables multiplex real-time detection of up to 27 targets from 1 sample or test 9 samples for up to 3 targets each.

    Just 3 lbs, hand-held, and battery-operated for maximum portability enabling a full day’s work out in the field on a single charge. The Biomeme Franklin comes in 3 different variations depending on the color channel detection you require:

    Franklin Thermocycler Color Detection Chart

    Please note that phones are sold separately. You may also use your own compatible device. 

    If you prefer an alternative payment method (e.g. Purchase Order), please don’t hesitate to contact gunwookang@biolet.kr for assistance