WSE-7010 EzLabel FluoroNeo



Purpose and Application

Visualization of electrophoresis pattern with stain FREE

  • Protein sample preparation for SDS-PAGE
  • Fluorescent labeling for protein and polypeptide
  • Protein electrophoresis (1D, 2D-PAGE)
  • Immunoprecipitation ,,,etc.


  • Immediate visualization protein bands after electrophoresis Protein fluorescence is emitted by BlueLED or UV excitation light [Ex: 330 (UV), 470 nm, Em: 530 nm]

  • Stain FREE, Saving time, Unnecessary for liquid waste disposal

  • Hardly to detect any differences in protein band mobility

  • Observable the gel with Blue LED without removing glass plate gel holder 

  • Observed gel is available for western blotting and protein fluorescence is kept after transfer on membrane

  • Observed gel is available for CBB staining and silver staining

  • Kit includes RIPA Lysis Buffer (free amine buffer), MW marker

  • A sample is available. Please request the sample through the “Contact Us” menu at the top.


WSE-7010 EzLabel FluoroNeo
Components Sample buffer (5x): 12 mL
Labeling reagent: 10 mg
Reducing agent (DTT): 300 mg
MW marker: 600 μL
RIPA Lysis buffer: 10 mL
Storage 1 year at -20℃
Applicable amount 2,000 samples, 20 μL/sample

Ordering Information

Code No. Description Unit
2332333 WSE-7010 EzLabel FluroNeo 1 pk